Monday, 15 February 2010

My favourite nudes

L TO R Mac myth, natural collection apple blossom, too faced totally nude benefit good to go, Gosh darling.

From l to r Benefit ladies choice, MAC myth, Natural collection apple blossom, Too faced totally nude.

For my first post I would like to show you some of my favourite nude lipstick shades.

First up id like to start with benefits lady's choice, i actually got this one in a holiday gift set so i only ave a mini size. the colour is more of a dark browny nude. Now iv brought quite a few benefit lipsticks in the past and i have to im a fan. They are so silky smooth and easy to apply they actually just slide onto the lip and provide a lot of moisture. The only down fall to them is the staying power which isn't long as they are more like a gloss than a lipstick. The colours are fabulous. Lady's choice is very similar to good to go, i prefer good to go but iv noticed good to go doesn't seem to be on the website at the moment lady's choice is a good dupe.

The next one is MAC Myth, everyones favourite nude. It is so pale it almost looks like concealor. O love it with a dark smokey eye. Myth is a satin lipstick so i has a mat finish, it looks good mat or with a lipgloss over the top like wildly lush or nice buzz. The colour is an actual true nude t doesnt lean towards pink or orange.

Natural collection by boots apple blossom is my favourite lipstick at the moment. It is a very pale nude but has a pink undertone to it, more pink than Goshs darling. I love it and they are only about £2 in boots. The formula is creamy and moisturising and i would say lasts longer than benefits lipsticks. I cant wait to try out more shades as they had some really interesting ones.

Next is Too faced in totally nude. I love love love this line of lippies, the packaging in so cute shiney pink with a crystal on the top wow. They are supposed to be infused with champagne essence. This one is super moisturising without being greasy. The colour is very dark and would be a great colour for any skin tone. Definitely has a browny orangey tint to it, so its not an actual true nude. I got mine off ebay for about 4 pounds they are about 13 pounds in boots.

Benefit again good to go. Well there is a story behind this lipstick it is the one they used for bella in the first twilight movie. Its a really natural colour for the lips and has more red in it then any of the other nudes i have, has a plummy brown finish. I find this is the nude that is closest to my real lip colour. Love it for an everyday look, iv nearly finished i hope it hasn't been discontinued. Benefit lipsticks are around 13 pounds

Last one is Gosh Darling. Another favourite lipstick, this is a lovely nude with more pink in it than myth which is very flattering. The formula is creamy. It is lighter than all the other shades as it doesn't seem to show up on the swatches well. This one costs around 5 or 6 pounds.

So I hope you like my collection of nudes, i really think there is one for everybody. Id love to hear what your favourite nude lipsticks are and if you pair them with lip gloss etc.

I would recommend that lip balm is used before the lighter nudes as they do show put lines and imperfections on the lip. Mac have a good one that works well. I try to use lip balm before i go to sleep and before i apply make up to keep my lips in a good condition.

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