Monday, 15 February 2010

How i use fix plus

I have oily skin so i wondered why the hell i was spraying on a moisturising spray over my foundation it looked hideous, i couldn't figure what the hype was all about with fix plus, and only used it on eye shadows and pigments. However now i have discovered people with oily skin can use it two.

Here are the two ways i face fix plus with make up on my face.

1. Spray the brush or sponge/puff with fix plus and apply your powder foundation. I do this and the powder goes on smooth without looking powdery or cakey.

2. Spray on to face after foundation and use a clean flat foundation brush to blot in in, same effect as above and your face feels nice and refreshed.

I don't use fix plus everyday, but i use it a lot more now iv figured out how to use it to suit my skin,

Comment and tell me how you use fix plus.


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